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A clot that has dislodged into the vascular system is called an embolism. When you fracture a long bone you run the risk of fat from the bone marrow becoming dislodged into your blood vessels and forming a fat embolism.

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Blood clot's occur in damaged vessels. If something isn't medicaly checked asapm, you can have a heart attack or sroke.

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Q: What blood clot forms after a fracture?
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What forms as a fracture heals?

Bleeding occurs at the fracture site and a blood clot forms.

How does it take for a fracture to heal?

Platelets form a clot on it and forms a scab but if it doesn't work properly it can cause an embolism when the clot moves ad they can't move through blood vessels

What is the difference between a fracture hematoma and a hematoma?

A hematoma is a mass of clotted blood that forms at an injury site. A fracture hematoma is a clot resulting from a break in a blood vessel within the bone, the marrow space, the periosteum, or the surrounding tissue associated with a bone fracture.

What forms blood clot?

its blood that's got alot of clot

What works to clot blood?

it is a dinosaur thatoughs up blood and forms a blood clot

What is normally found at a fracture hematoma?

Dead bone, Bone fragments and blood clot

What forms a sticky net in a blood clot?


Is a blood clot a circulatory disorder?

A blood clot can be a circulatory disorder, if it forms in an inappropriate place. For example, a blood clot in the large veins of the legs is a circulatory disorder. In the case of a blood clot that functions to stop a broken blood vessel, the clot is part of the normal human physiology.

What is the medical term meaning a clot that forms inside a blood vessel or the heart?

A thrombus is a clot that forms inside a vessel or the heart.

The first major event of fracture healing?

Hematoma formation (when blood rushes from the broken vessels to form a clot) is the first step of fracture healing.

What forms clotting?

its blood that's got alot of clot

what is the definition for thrombus?

A thrombus is a blood clot that forms in the circulatory system and remains where it forms rather than circulating in the blood.