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Q: What best to drink after eating chilli?
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What is the best thing to drink after eating chilli?

Pepto Bismol. good luck

Do people get sick from eating chilli in Chile?


What is chili's favorite sport?

chilli eating

What are the best chilli recipes?

The best chilli recipes for a person are the ones made with the ingredients enjoyed most by that person. This may be a beef chilli or a vegetarian chilli. It is important to check the seasoning and chilli dishes improve for being made the day before.

What is the world's best chili recipe?

I do not think you can say what is the worlds best chilli recipe.However lots of places claim to have the best chilli recipe.I suggest you try or,both have really great recipes for chilli.

What is the worlds best chili?

Indian chilli

How many types of chilli?

There are many types of chilli but the best kind to me is my mom's homemade chilli which has spicy peppers and many other spices

Is hot chilli good for you?

Chilli Sauce is very good for you but it is even better without a drink,although you will go red you will also go MOO MOO

what ingredients are the best for chili and where can the recipe be found?

Several sites claim to have the best chilli recipes but some of the best that I personally use are and

Can parakeets eat red chili peppers?

A parrot eg (cockatoos, conure, macaws, etc) can have chilli peppers at any age from the time they start eating till they get old. Chilli peppers are not hot for parrots as parrots have no saliva so they can not taste how hot the chilli pepper is. Chilli peppers also help the parrot with mimicking human voice(speaking.)

Does drinking water after eating chili make it hotter?

It doesnt make it hotter, but it doesnt help much. The problem with chilli is that the molecules bond readily to the saliva on your tongue, causing a lasting afterburn. The trick is to drink something that will neutralise it & break the bonds, such as milk

How do you deal with feeling sick from eating to much?

The best thing to do is drink water and take a tylinal and go to bed.