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Broca's area in the frontal lobe and Wernicke's area in the temporal lobe.

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Q: What areas of the brain are associated with language learning?
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The rational brain is associated with?

Thinking and language. (Apex)

How do scientists determine which areas of the brain are associated with specific actions emotions and function?

Mapping of the brain is done to determine the function of different brain areas.

The rational brain is associated mostly with the?

Thinking and language

What part of the brain associated with thinking and language called?


What is the most extensive regions of the brain which enable learning and memory?

Association areas

What is one of the areas that the brain responsible for memory and learning?

temporal lobe

How did Broca and Wernicke determine the location of key language areas in the brain?

Broca and Wernicke determined the location of key language areas by examining brain-damaged patients.By examining brain-damaged patients

What part of The rational brain is associated mostly with the?

thinking and language

How do the brain s hemispheres play a role in language learning?

cummm bucket

What is the developmental process that is the impetus behind brain lateralization?

learning and using language

Why can a person with brain injury understand speech but not talk?

People with different brain injuries may or may not understand language or be able to speak. If the areas of the brain that control motor function, such as speech, are damaged, but not the language centers, then the person can understand language but not talk. After a TBI, the survivor may have to re-learn language skills. Just as any child or adult learning a language, understanding comes first, followed by mastery and verbalization.

What are the large slow brain waves associated with sleep calledything?

Answer: Delta Explanation: Apex Learning