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benefitial relationship and competitive relationship

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Q: What are two types of relationships that can can result from coevolution?
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What are the two main types of helpful relationships for animals?

the 2 types of beneficial relationships are: mutualism ++ and commensalism +0

When two species evlove together?

Coevolution is that term.

Compare coevolution and symbiosis?

A coevolution is the reciprocal changes in two or more populations and a symbiosis is when two different organisms live in close associations with each other! HOPE THAT ANSWERED EVERYONE'S QUESTION!!!! :)

What are two types of mathematical relationships that exist between different variables?

Direct or inverse relationships,that is a problem

Two types of faults can result in mountains which are they?

The two types of faults that can result in mountains are reverse faults and normal faults.

What is the corresponding changes of two or more species that are closely associated?

D, coevolution

What is a pattern of evolution in which two species evolve in relation to each other?


I have two different result one is a yes and no result another result is a number result What are these two types of results called?

Binary result

When two species interact so closely that they adapt to each other the interaction is called?


When two species interact so closely that they are adapted to each other the interaction is called?


Mutualism and commensalism are two types of?

Mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism are the three types of symbiotic relationships.

What is a long term change that takes place in two species because of their close interactions?