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1Changing their diet to locally available foods,2 becoming acquainted with local customs and beginning to observe them,3 and obtaining proper clothing and shelter.

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Q: What are three ways people adapt to their environment?
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What are three ways humans interact with environment40 example?

Three ways with which humans interact with the environment include dependency for livelihood, to modify it and adapt to conditions.

How does the micro frog adapt to their environment?

The micro frog adapts to their environment in a number of ways. They must first adapt to the climate for example.

What are ways humans adapt to there environment?

Humans adapt by creating technology that makes life easier

In what ways did Mesopotamia adapt to and change their environment?

they cut trees

How does a pheasant adapt to its environment?

Pigeons adapt to their environment in a number of ways. For instance, pigeons will learn where they can find the most food and will congregate in that area.

What are three ways people interact with the environment in Germany?

they are really cool

How did people adapt?

Learning how to use resources around them and learning how to make tools there environment provided were the two ways people adapted to new environments.

What ways do humans depend on adapt to and change the physical environment of Germany?

they kaka

What are three ways with interact environment?

People interact with the environment daily in lots of ways. Three ways they interact with the environment are: farming, planting or cutting down trees, and recreational activities like hiking, fishing, and swimming. Even going outside a home and taking a walk is interacting with the environment.

How does symbiosis help animals adapt to the environment?

symbiosis helps the animals adapt to the environment by many different ways .it help controls the population and also the organisms adapt to the way of the otherorganisms benefiting them or non helping them

What the three ways in which the environment affected Stone Age people?

no animals, no fruits or wood

Three ways in which man destroys the environment?

Three ways that man destroys the environment include coal mining. Two other ways man destroys the environment are deforestation and overpopulation.