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1. What are three factors that could contribute to the credibility of a source?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


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Q: What are three factors that could contribute to the credibility of a source?
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What establish the reliability and credibility of a secondary source you must know?

Answer this question&hellip; Information about the topic of the source, including its historical significance or possible applications it could have to the present day

Is there a limit to how small a living cell could be and what factors would contribute to this limit?

no there is not a limit to how small a living cell could be

What could most impact your interpretation of the opposite's information as you compare it to your information?

Factors that could influence my interpretation of information from the opposite side include the credibility of the source, the evidence provided, the clarity of the argument, and my own biases and perspectives. It's essential to critically evaluate the information and consider multiple viewpoints to reach an informed conclusion.

What makes Linux open-source?

The creator of Linux made it open source so everyone around the world could contribute and make it better

What would contribute to an overestimation of heritability?

One of many&Ecirc;things that could contribute to incorrect or overestimation of heritability would be the infuence of environment factors including geographical location.

What is Source of error in effect of amplitude of a simple pendulum?

One source of error in measuring the effect of amplitude in a simple pendulum could be air resistance, which can introduce discrepancies in the observed amplitude. Another source could be the precision of the measuring instruments used, leading to inaccuracies in recording the amplitude of the pendulum. Additionally, factors such as variations in the length of the string or angular displacement can also contribute to errors in the measurements of the pendulum's amplitude.

What can credibility refer to?

The quality of being credible; credibleness; as, the credibility of facts; the credibility of witnesses.

What factors contribute to where people choose to settle?

Factors that contribute to where people choose to settle include job availability, cost of living, quality of schools, access to healthcare, proximity to family and friends, climate, and lifestyle preferences. Other factors could include safety, cultural amenities, recreational opportunities, and overall quality of life.

What are the five questions to ask yourself when trying to determine if a source of health information is reliable and trustworthy?

Who is the author or organization behind the information? What is the source's reputation and expertise in the health field? Are there references or citations to support the information provided? Is the information up-to-date and consistent with other reputable sources? Does the source have any potential biases or conflicts of interest that could affect the credibility of the information?

Factors that contribute inaccuracy in experiment?

Factors that can contribute to inaccuracy in experiments include human error, measurement limitations, equipment calibration issues, environmental conditions, and uncontrollable variables that can affect the outcome. It is important to identify and control for these factors to ensure the reliability and validity of experimental results.

What is the Opposite of trustworthy?

The opposite of credibility (believability) would be implausibility.Where credibility applies to one's reputation for veracity (related to creditability), the opposite could be unreliability, duplicity, or deceitfulness. Where credibility is used to mean willingness to believe (related to gullibility), the opposite could be suspicion or disbelief.

What factors of the past have contributed most to your own development?

A person should have many achievements that can contribute to their success in a job position. This could include educational successes and previous work history.