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Your body uses calcium to help kepp strong bones and teeth. These are just a couple of the things that your body uses calcium for!

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Q: What are things your body uses calcium for?
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What are the everyday uses of calcium?

bones in your body

What are good things for your body?

calcium, vitamins, and much more

What are some good things for your body?

calcium, vitamins, and much more

What are the uses for calcium chloride?

It's a diatary supplement taking when the amount of calcium intake in the diet is insufficient.

Why is nutrients important in life?

Nutrients are important for our bodies to function properly by providing energy, supporting growth and repair of tissues, maintaining immune function, and regulating various processes in the body. They are essential for overall health and well-being.

Why is calcium removed from the bones?

Calcium is banked in the bones, so when the body needs calcium, a special cell can break down part of the bone and release some of the calcium into the blood to supply to the body.

What uses does calcium have?

you can find calcium in your bones and teeth

When dietary intake of calcium is low calcium is removed from the bones?

The bones of your body are a storage place for calcium among other things. When you need calcium, the bones release it, when you don't, they take it up and store it once again.

What are the common uses of each of the chemicals sodium chloride ammonium chloride and calcium chloride?

Ammonium chloride is used in fertilizers, calcium chloride is used in many things such as keeping things dry or hard, and sodium chloride is table salt.

Why does strontium replace calcium in human bones?

Strontium and calcium have similar chemical properties due to their location in the periodic table. When strontium is present in the body, it can be mistakenly incorporated into the bone structure in place of calcium. However, strontium is not as effective as calcium in maintaining bone strength and can lead to weaker bones over time.

What is acid used for?

Among other things, it tends to dissolve things; that's what your body uses it for (in your stomach).

Why doe your body need calcium?

Yes your body does need calcium because if your body doesn't have calcium it would decrease your bone strength.