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The Negative feedback System & the Positive Feedback System are the two types of Homeostasis

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Q: What are the two types of homeostasis?
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What are the types of homeostasis medicine?


In which system are all three types of muscles involved in homeostasis?


Give two examples of homeostasis:?

Sweating and shivering

What are two systems that help a dog like a aardwolf or hyena maintain homeostasis?

Anal fail videos help them to maintain homeostasis.

How does system help the maintain homeostasis?

There are two ways that the respiratory system maintain homeostasis. These are through gas exchange and regulation of blood pH.

When two experiments are identical except for one variable what is that called?


What are two experiments that are identical except for one variable called?


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What are two examples of how a polar bear maintains homeostasis?

they eat and sleep they hybanate....

What are the two movement of homeostasis?

Which molecule moves to high concentration to low concentration

What are two explames of how living things respond to changes in their environment?

regulation and homeostasis

Describe two mechanisms that operate to restore homeostasis after infection by a pathogen?

Gaben at valve