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There are different forms of fatigue. The most common ones include metabolic fatigue, muscular fatigue, energy depletion and fatigue of the nervous system.

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If you are referring to Human Beings it can be Physical or Metal fatigue.

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Q: What are the two type of fatigue?
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Which type of fatigue is the effect of stress or illness?

Pathological Fatigue

What are classic symptoms of diabetes?

Fatigue. Frequent urination. Irratability. Drastic weight gain/loss. Change in eating behavior. Nausea. Rapid heart beat. Headaches. No energy.

What are two types of fatigue?

If you are referring to Human Beings it can be Physical or Metal fatigue.

Which type of fatigue causes illness?


What type of task in the army that produce fatigue?

physical and mental

Is fatigue a disease?

nope , fatigue is a very common complaint , and it is important to remember that it is a symptom , and not a disease. Many illnesses can result in the complaint of fatigue and they can be physical , psychological , or a combination of the two .

Is depression and loss of sharpness in thinking symptoms of what type of fatigue?


What type of a jacket does Leo have from the lost hero?

An army fatigue jacket.

Can stress cause fatigue?

Stress and fatigue are two sides of the same coin. Stress can definitely cause fatigue. If one is fatigued, one can become stressed out in trying to accomplish while fatigued.

How many syllables are in fatigue?

There are two syllables. Fa-tigue.

What muscle fiber type is most likely to fatigue the fastest?

Type I muscles

What are the major symptoms for type 2 diabetes?

The major symptoms for type two diabetes are weight gain , mainly around the abdominal area, increase thirst, increased urine output, fatigue, erectile dysfunction and blurred vision.