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The answer in my health book is:

1: Sense of Self-Discipline

2: The Desire to Excel

January 17, 2012


I wouldn't trust him, He's still writing the book

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Nature and Nurture.

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Q: What are the two main influences on personality?
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What are the 2 main influences on personality?

The two main influences on personality are genetics and environment. Genetics play a role in determining certain traits and temperaments, while the environment, including upbringing, social interactions, and life experiences, also shapes personality development.

What are the four main factors that affect personality and their meaning?

The four main factors that affect personality are genetics (inherited traits), environment (external influences), upbringing (family dynamics and early experiences), and experiences (life events and interactions). These factors interact to shape an individual's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, contributing to their unique personality traits and characteristics.

What are two examples of the influences of heredity on personality?

The two examples of the influence of heredity on personality are intelligence of a child and a child being timid or courageous. This will be determined by the environment that a child is subjected to.

Describe the two main influences on development?

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The two main influences that makes personalities complex and unique are?

heredity and enviroment.

Personality generally refers to individual's character or his permanent behavioral traits what best describes personality development?

Environmental influences begin shaping our personality at birth, and it continues to develop throughout our lifetime.

Four basic influences on Personality Development?

Interaction with environmentprenatal careenvironmentattachment

Environmental influences on personality traits are most clearly highlighted by comparing?


Researchers study identical twins to examine how influences personality.?


What influences personality?

Personality is influenced by a combination of genetics, environment, and experiences. Genetic factors, such as temperament and inherited traits, play a role in shaping personality. Environmental influences, including family dynamics, culture, and life experiences, also contribute to the development of a person's personality.

A behavior geneticist would be most interested in studying hereditary influences on?

A behavior geneticist would be most interested in studying hereditary influences on behavior traits such as intelligence, personality, mental health disorders, and addiction. They investigate how genetic factors interact with environmental influences to shape these behaviors.

What three influences affect the development of personality?

Biological factors, such as genetics and brain chemistry, social factors, such as environment and upbringing, and psychological factors, such as thoughts and emotions, all play a role in shaping an individual's personality development. Additionally, cultural influences and life experiences can also impact the development of personality.