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it removes breakdown components of cell metabolism and promotes homeostatis.

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Q: What are the two important components which the urinary sytem controls?
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How does the digestive system help the urinary system?

it helps because you urine comes from the uniaray sytem

What is the function of the nervous system in terms of its three main components-- sensory integrative and motor?

the nervous sytem controls your body movments ans acions. it makes you move walk talk think feel sence and interacte

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Circulatory system, repiratory system, urinary system, nervous sytem.

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Controls harmful waste from vehicles from polluting our atmosphere-catalytic convertor and other smog related devices in system.

Which system regulates the amount of water and mineral salts in the blood?

endocrine system, excretory system, digestive sytem, respiratory system, etc, This is because blood is the common carrier for all substances to be transported within the body.

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The brain and spinal cord are collectively called the Central Nervous Sytem which controls all most of the body's functions including movement.

What are the components of the circulatory sytem?

The circulatory system is composed of vessels and muscles that control the flow of blood around the body. This process of blood flowing around the body is called circulation. The main components of the circulatory system are the heart, arteries, capillaries and the veins.

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What two systems work together to get rid of waste in the human body?

The urinary system and the digestive system work together to eliminate waste from the human body. The urinary system filters waste from the blood to produce urine, while the digestive system processes food to remove solid waste in the form of feces.