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The tissue in our body is called Body tissue.

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Q: What are the tissues called inside your body?
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How many bones are there in a spiders body?

Spiders do not have bones. They are arthropods, their soft tissues are contained inside a hard external coating called an exoskeleton.

What is inside a feces?

Undigested food, mucus dead body tissues and toxins

What does the human skeleton do for us?

acts as support for tissues and muscle inside our body.

What blood vessels carry blood towards the body tissues?

Blood vessels that carry blood towards the body tissues are called arteries.

What are the vascular tissues called in humans?

Cartlage is the tissue in your body.

What are tissues that serves a connecting function called?

Tissues that serve a connecting function are called connective tissues. They provide support, structure, and cushioning to the body and are found throughout the body in various forms like tendons, ligaments, adipose tissue, and bone.

What it called when a group of tissues working together as a unit for a particular purpose in the body?

This is called an organ.

What is the name of chemical inside the cell that oxygen is attached to?

The chemical inside the cell that oxygen is attached to is called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that binds to oxygen in the lungs and carries it to tissues throughout the body.

How can xrays be used to see inside your body?

X-rays can penetrate the body and are absorbed differently by different tissues. Dense tissues like bones absorb more x-rays and appear white on the image, while softer tissues absorb fewer x-rays and appear gray. This contrast helps to visualize internal structures like bones, organs, and foreign objects inside the body.

Blood vessels that carry blood to the heart from the body tissues are called?


Where is the protein called actin located in the body?

ATP molecules

What is a group of tissues called?

Tissue boxA group of tissues is an organ. Your body has many organs including: the heart, lungs, your skin and liver.