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brush them, idiot!

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Q: What are the tips on how to brush teeth properly?
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How can you see plaque?

It Forms When You Dont Brush Your Teeth. :) Keep Brushing Them,. :)

Do Amish brush their teeth?

Of course they do, they brush their teeth every morning. - Do they know how to brush properly, and adequately brush their gums and tong, probably not. - Nor do most of them spend money for dental work, and their teeth can be in very bad condition, because of the neglect.

Tips on how to care of gums and teeth?

Brush your gums and teeth after eating with a softbristled tooth brush (using and up and down bushing motion not side to side) and a little tooth paste.Floss once a day between your teeth before brushing.

How to brush my teeth?

Get a tooth brush and tooth paste and there brush your teeth….DUH!!

How do you brush a toddler's teeth?

you have to brush there teeth up and down

Do you have to brush your pugs teeth?

You have to brush any dog's teeth!

Does the Phillips sonicare clean teeth properly?

"The Phillips Sonicare is quite capable of cleaning teeth properly, but only if the user is behaving with the brush in a proper manner. Flossing is also important and cannot be handled by a mechanical toothbrush."

What is a bristle of a brush?

the tips of the brush that you paint with

Did scribes brush their teeth?

they use to brush thier teeth with chairs

What happens to your teeth if you don't brush your teeth?

Brush your teeth or you will have cavities, bad breath, and gum disease.

Who is the only president that does not brush his teeth?

All of the dead presidents do not brush their teeth...

Why do you brush your teeth on a roller coaster?

Don't brush your teeth on a roller coaster.