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The top three risk factors are smoking, drinking, and drugs. These all can have severe impacts depending on their severity of use, misuse, or abuse.

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lack of exercise,poor diet and drugs-alcohol,tobacco etc

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The three types of risk factors that can affect a person's health include tobacco use,physical inactivity,poor diet, obesity,high blood pressure and Diabetes.

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3 Life style choices that can affect you is doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and eating inedible items

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heredity, environmental, and ?

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Q: What are the three risk factor that affect your health?
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Three types of risk factors that can affect a persons health?

Your genes will definately play a role in your health. If your parents had cancer you will have a much higher chance of having cancer yourself. Another risk factor is diet. A higher intake of meat can lead to many diseases and increased cancer and heart disease. Another risk factor is where you live. Many places have higher levels of smog, which are not good for your health.

How can a stigma affect your health?

how can a stigima affect your health risk?

Which area is considered a health risk factor?

The diet that you are eating could be considered a health risk factor. Also, having a lack of exercising everyday.

What is a controllable health risk factor?

Diabetes melltius

Is heredity a risk factor that can threaten your health?

Yes, it can.

What are three ways that risk behaviors can affect health status?

to drink alcohol, the use of tobacco, or second hand smoke.

Heredity influenced by health?

Heredity is a risk factor of health. For example, you are risk of having HTN if you have a a familial history of hypertension.

The health risk factor you cannot control is?

Your skin color

What is a risk factor for the respiratory system?

smoking that will affect the lungs

Is Drinking while driving is an example of a hereditary risk factor?

Drinking while driving is NOT an example of a hereditary risk factor-it's just stupid. Areas which are considered a health risk factor include heredity, lifestyle and environment. While many health risk factors are controllable, you cannot control hereditary factors.

Health risk factor include?

Smoking, Obesity and Alcohol are the big ones.