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Respiratory Pump mechanism- pressure changes occur in the thoracic and abdominal cavities during inspiration and expiration. This compresses veins and assists blood return to the heart.The muscle pump mechanism- muscular contractions compress the veins, squeezing blood back towards the heart. Pocket valves inside the veins prevent the back-flow of blood returning to the heart.

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Q: What are the three mechanisms that assist in venous return?
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What two things help the blood in veins return to the heart?

The blood in veins is at a lower pressure than it is in the arteries. The lower pressure makes for challenges getting that blood back to the heart. As there is less force (pressure) in the veins, blood would pool in the lower parts of the body if there were not mechanisms to prevent that. There are three different things that help blood get back to the heart. The three mechanisms are: venous valves, muscular pumps, and the respiratory pump.

Name 3 factors that are important in promoting venous return?

Larger lumens of veins with valves, Skeleton muscle activity and Respiratory pumpThree factors that are important in promoting venous return are:1. Intact system2. Good pump - valves - size of vessels - PR3. Breathing - respiratory pump

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