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they are classified as first, second, or third-degree, or grade

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Q: What are the terms used to classify sprains?
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Which of following terms cannot be used to classify a square?

a trapizoid

What two word are used to classify epithelium in terms of the number of cell layers?

simple and stratified

What is a systematic taxanomy and what kinds of data are used by a systematic taxanomists?

is when you classify organisms in terms of their natural relationships

What are the different terms of speech?

The main terms of speech are noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. These terms are used to classify words based on their function in a sentence.

Which of the following terms means "the system used to classify and group living organisms"?


What Are The Four Terms Used to Classify An Air Mass?

The four terms used to classify an air mass are based on their source region and are: maritime (m), continental (c), polar (P), and tropical (T). By combining these four terms, meteorologists can describe an air mass more accurately based on its temperature and moisture characteristics.

What are the classifications of sprains?

There are three grades of sprains. Grade I sprains. Grade II sprains. Grade III, or third degree, sprains

Can savoy first aid spray used for sprains?


Is wind an invertebrate?

No. The terms vertebrate and invertebrate are used to classify animals. Wind is not an animal, nor is it even alive. It is simple the movement of air.

Classify the polynomial by its degree and by the number of terms.5m?

linear monomial

How do biologist classify organisms?

In basic terms: biologists classify organisms by species, genus and family.

What are four factors used to classify soil?

what are four main soils used to classify soils