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1. Clean - free of visible soil.

2. sanitize - reduce the number of microorganisms to a safe level using heat or chemicals.

3. Sterelize - to make free of microorganisms.

4. contamination - the presence of harmful substace in food.

5. spoilage - damge to the edible quality of a food.

6. food borne illness - illness transmitted to humans due to the ingestion of food that contatins harmful pathogens or their by products (toxins).

7. cross - contamination - the transfer of a hrmful substance from one food to another by direct or indirect contact.

8. food borne illness outbreaks (FBIO's) - defined as the laboratory confirmed incidence of clinical illness involving two or more people that ate a common food.

9. potentially hazardous foods (PHF's) - foods that allows the rapid growth of bacteria. There are several physical and environmental characteristics that will make a food potentially hazardous.

10. Temperature danger zone - temperature range where bacteria can grow and reproduce rapidly (between 41 and 135 degrees celcius)

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Q: What are the ten common terms in food sanitation?
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