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LSD has next to no hangover effects, other than being really tired the next day or so.

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Q: What are the symptoms of an LSD hangover?
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What are the withdrawal symptoms of LSD?

There are typically no withdrawal symptoms associated with the cessation of LSD use, nor is LSD considered to be addictive.

What are hangover symptoms?

Symptoms of a Hangover:headacheirritabilitynauseafatiguedehydrationbody achesvomitingdizzinessloss of appetitediarrhea.

What are the withdrawals from LSD like?

There are no withdrawal symptoms from LSD as LSD does not cause physical dependence.

What are some withdrawal symptoms of LSD?

LSD is not considered physically addictive and does not have physical withdrawal symptoms. However, one may experience a desire of craving to do LSD again, as LSD may be psychologically addictive.

What is hangover?

A hangover is a series of symptoms that are a direct result of the overconsumption of alcohol. Source: The Hangover Network URL:

What are the withdrawal symptons of LSD?

LSD is a hallucinatory drug, but not an addictive drug; it does not produce withdrawal symptoms.

What characteristic in alcohol causes the typical symptom of the hangover?

Alcohol is a diuretic, and most of the hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration.

Where can one learn how to cure a hangover?

Wikihow provides steps about how you are able to cure a hangover. The NHS website also provides information about how to reduce and cure hangover symptoms.

What are the withdrawal effects of LSD?

LSD is not physically addictive. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms. It just wears off after awhile.

What are the symptoms of a hangover?

Headache, nausea, fatigue, tremors (sometimes) and malaise.

What are symptoms of overdose on LSD?

Having a very bad "trip."

What are some traditional cures for a hangover?

Unfortunately, there are no cures for a hangover. However, there are a few things that you can do to alleviate hangover symptoms, such as taking ibuprophen, rehydrating with water or Gatorade, and eating carbs such as toast.

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