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sore neck

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Q: What are the symptoms of a torn tendon in neck?
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What are the symptoms of a torn ligament or torn tendon in the elbow from baseball?

A sore elbow

What is a stretched or torn tendon called?


Can a torn tendon heal without surgery?

yes. it depends on where the meniscus is torn and how old the patient is.

What is the difference between a torn ligament and a torn tendon?

does torn ligament and tendons cause fibula not to heal

What is the average settlement amount for a torn Achilles tendon?


How do you know if the Achilles is cut or just torn?

Patients who experience a tear to the Achilles tendon often report hearing a popping or clicking sound at the time the tear occurs. It often feels as though you have been hit in the back of the leg. A partial tear may cause mild or no symptoms at all. Even with more significant tears there may be no pain or symptoms present at the time the injury occurs. The symptoms listed below can happen right when the tendon is torn or they may begin to occur later on.

Can you fix a broken paw tendon of a cat?

tendons are not bones therefore they cannot break its probably a torn tendon

What is a Strong tendon in an animal's neck?

The nuchal ligament is a strong tendon found in the neck of some animals, such as horses and giraffes. It helps to support the weight of the head and maintain proper posture.

Caused when an injured tendon is inflamed during exercise?

Sretched or torn

What does the term 'Tendon injury' refer to?

Tendon injury' refers to damage that occurs to a tendon which connects bone to muscle. Sometimes a tendon can be strained or sometimes it can be torn. Rehab can take months depending on the severity.

Can a Partially torn Shoulder blade tendon heal itself?

A partially torn shoulder blade tendon cannot heal itself. This is similar to frayed rope and would need special care so that it can heal.

What are the injuries found in a muscle strain?

A strain is a torn or stretched muscle or tendon.