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There are several symptoms that you can experience with a L2-3 disc protrusion. Some of these symptoms include leg pain, numbness in the leg, and lower Back pain.

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Q: What are the symptoms for an L2-3 disk protrusion?
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What causes gas in the L23 spine broadbases posterior disc protrusion the thecal sac is reduced to 8.5mm L34 the same as L45 the same in L5S1 with my thecal sac at 7mm AP?

Information on L23 L45 L5 S1 In The Spine

What is Superimposed central disk protrusion?

superimposed central & left disc protrusion

What is cervical spondylosis with paracentral disk protrusion?

Cervical spondylosis with paracentral disk protrusion is a condition of the spine and or neck. This condition can cause pain and trouble with movement.

What is a displaced disk?

A blisterlike bulging or protrusion of the contents of the disk out through the fibers that normally hold them in place

What is a Small disc protrusion C5-6 vertebrae with mild compression deformity of dural sac?

If you have no symptoms it's just a slightly squashed intervertebral disk, if you do have symptoms it's were they're going to cut. (C5-C6 is low on your neck)

What is central and right posterolateral disc protrusion spur complex?

It is descriptive term for the degenerative spine on CT or MRI. Central disk herniation means a central and posterior protrusion of disk material. Posterolateral disc protrusion indicates herniation of disk along the posterolateral margin of the disk to the spinal canal. Disc spur complex denotes a combined degenerative process with which the protruded disk is accompanied with adjacent bone change with spurring.

Can a car accident cause a degenerative disk protrusion?

They may be a causative factor.

What is a small focal disc protrusion?

a small protrusion of the disk is caused buy pressure on the spine. speaking to the disk itself if there is a weakened spot in the canula the pressure on that disk is more susceptible to give under the spinal pressure, thus causing it to protrude possibly putting pressure directly on the sciatic nerve.

What is the Medical term meaning choked disk?

Papilledema = swelling and protrusion of the blind spot of the eye caused by edemaPalpilledema

What does paramedian disc protrusion mean?

A parmedian disc protrusion is a type of hernia or bulge in disk of oneâ??s spine. This can occur on either the right or left side. In this type of hernia the width of the base is wider than the apex.

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What are signs and symptoms of an incisional hernia?

The signs and symptoms of an incisional hernia include fever, aching, swelling, visible protrusion, bulging, foul-smelling drainage and many more.

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