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cruntches i think =0 they are called crutches

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Q: What are the sticks called that you use when you have a broken leg?
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What is those sticks that you use for a broken bone?


Can you use have and has in the same sentence?

I have a friend that has a broken leg.

Broken leg surgery join army?

You can indeed join the Army if you have had surgery on your broken leg. This is of course as long as you can still use it to function properly.

When do you use broken instead of broke?

I broke my leg. (active voice) My leg is broken. (passive voice) Active voice vs. Passive voice.

What tape do you use for your baby hamsters broken leg?

Take to the vet.

Why cant they hang a horsethief in Canada with a broken leg?

they have to use a rope

How do you use hassock in a sentence?

he rested his broken leg firmly onto the hassock

How did the pioneers splint up a broken leg?

Well, from my knowledge, they had a tool called a Leg Splint. It was a wooden thing that would attach to your leg. If you were in need of a leg splint, some would just chop off a tree branch and use that. Many infections and such things as the Leg Splint were what caused disease and other infections. I'm glad we have good medical services and ways to help our legs and NOT use Leg Splints.

Use consideration in a sentence?

Out of consideration for Milo's broken leg, I helped carry his books.

How can you use limping in a sentence?

Isaw a man with at broken leg, limping across the street.

What is the most common use of a leg cast?

The most common use of a leg cast is to keep a broken leg in one place so it doesn't shift during the healing process. This is essential to the future function of the affected limb.

In what instances might one require the use of leg braces?

There are several instances people require the use of leg braces such as a severe injury in a car accident, or a broken bone in need of rehabilitation.