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I am certain your not looking for technical terms full of Latin words for each aspect of the plants growth cycle. So to put it simply there are basically Two stages of growth after the Seedling/germination period. Vegetative and Flowering. Vegetative growth is achieved by providing the plant with 18 hours of light each day. This is spring time, rather outdoors or indoors if artificial light is used, The plant "Springs" upward and outward. The other stage is Flowering. Flowering happens with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This is the fall. Fall causes the flowers to produce in females. approximately 2 months after flowering begins the leaves will start to yellow and "Fall" and the life of the plant ends. If male plants are present, pollen will fertilize the female plant and it will produce seeds.

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1) Germination: Place the seeds on a damp towel or in some compost. They will sprout in 24hrs to a week.

2) Place the seeds under a blue toned fluorescent light or on a window ledge.

3) Once they have gotten their second set of "proper" leaves place them under a high intensity discharge light, in a green house or in the garden if it is warm. They should be given light for 18 hours a day for the next 4-8 weeks.

4) Once they have reached the desired size the lights should be set to 12/12 to force flowering. Different strains have different flowering periods. The males will flower first and can be recognised by their "balls." These should be removed. Females have hairs on them.

5) For cannabis sativa, once a third of the pistols (white hairs) turned amber you can harvest. For cannabis indica you should leave the plant until two thirds have turned amber. Generally the sooner you harvest the more cerebral and racy the high and the longer you leave it the heavier the stone. The longer you leave them the more CBD there is in the bud. Hang them to dry.

6) Once they are 80-90% dry the buds should be placed in jar to cure. This can take a few weeks but the buds become more potent because more of the THC is converted to the active form.

7) Enjoy.

Cannabis ruderalis is a little different. The plants only have a life cycle of 8-10 weeks and they automatically begin flowering. They should be given 20 hours of ligh per day irrespective of whether they are flowering or not.

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Marijuana is a plant. It needs seeds, sunlight, soil, water, etc. As this question refers to something that is illegal in most places, no other information can be given here.

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Q: What are the stages of growth for marijuana?
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