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The physical effects are: headaches, poor appetite, a change in eating habits, sleeplessness, loss/gain of weight, deterioration of health, bruises, ulcers, lack of personal hygiene and lack of energy. the emotional effects are: low self esteem, lack of confidence, feeling unwanted, insecurity, becoming withdrawn, depression/stress, anxiety, sudden change in behavior, lack of co-operation and learned helplessness. the social effects: isolation, lack of friends, becoming withdrawn, unrecognized as an individual, feel like a stranger and inability to build relationships. the intellectual effects: restricted access to education, poor performance in examinations, lack of achievements, poor job prospects, lack of skills, self-fulfilling prophecy, loss of motivation, lack of interest in anything and absence from work. this information all came off of a worksheet from my teacher so it should all be correct.

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  • Anger
  • loss of self-esteem
  • Isolation
  • feeling stressed or unable to cope
  • The long term effects could include:
  • loss of motivation
  • reduced individual rights
  • restricted opportunities
  • limited access to services
  • mental illness caused by stress
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They begin to feel afraid of other minorities and distance themselves from them leaving them with less friends. Some may think that they're friends turn on them because they hang out with minorities so they feel like they can't trust anyone. Sometimes they lie to themselves and others and no one likes a liar. Other times they don't want to leave the house because they are so afraid of being discriminated. So in the end they are pretty much left alone.

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Q: What are the social effects of discrimation on an individual?
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