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Q: What are the small crystals that activate maculae?
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Densly packed mineral crystals that sit atop the maculae?

hair cells

What are the two small chambers containing maculae?


What are small crystals called?

Small crystals are called microcrystals. These tiny structures are often too small to be seen or examined without the aid of a microscope.

What do the maculae in the utricle and saccule sense?

The maculae sense gravity and sense up and down movements.

The hair cells of the utricle and saccule are clustered in?

ln the saccule and utricle, hair cells cluster within maculae, where their cilia contact the otolith (densely packed mineral crystals, called statoconia, in a matrix)

What is a black intrusive rock with small crystals?

Intrusive rock normally has visible crystals. Extrusive igneous rock has small crystals. A black extrusive igneous rock with small crystals could be basalt.

Andesite has small crystals because?

Andesite has small crystals because it cools quickly.

Do igneous rocks have small crystals large crystals or no crystals?

It depends on the type of igneous rock. Intrusive igneous rocks such as granite have large crystals, extrusive igneous rocks may have small crystals as in basalt or no crystals as in pumice.

Are large crystals found in diorite?

diorite crystals are large and andesite crystals are small

Does basalt have small crystals or big?

Since basalt is extrusive it cools quickly and forms small crystals.

What factor determines if an igneous rock has no crystals small crystals or large crystals?

it depends on the heat, if it cool very quick then it has small crystals but if it cool very slowly than it is bigger the slower the cooling period the bigger the crystals

Sites of the maculae?

otoliths and vestibular nerve