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A blue dolphin ecstacy pill has a high potency of MDMA but later on as the effect wears off, depending on the health and mood of that person, side effects of the blue dolphin will be most likely make that person depressed, sad, emotional, or any negative type of emotion.

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Q: What are the side effect on the blue dolphin ecstasy pill?
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What will happen if you take a blue get em girl ecstasy pill with a purple star pill?

you will die.

What does a blue dolphin pill Ecstasy cut with?

Blue dolphin pills typically contain MDMA as the main active ingredient, but they may also be cut with other substances such as caffeine, amphetamines, or other stimulants. It is important to test any substance before consuming it to know exactly what is in it.

Does taio cruz do drugs?

yes , he did Ecstasy & the " blue pill" :S

What pill will give you the same effect as extacy?

The feeling you get from ecstasy is from the MDMA in the pill, which isn't found in any legal pills.

What is a blue diamond extacy?

"Blue Diamond" refers to the pill press used to shape the ecstasy powder into a pill. Blue Diamond is generally viewed as one of the strongest makes of ecstasy, but this becomes more and more false as all drugs become less pure over time.

What is long term effect on one Ecstasy pill?

Sometimes death. Pretty long term!

What is a blue pill with K 9 imprint?

This sounds to me like you're describing an "E" or "Ecstasy" tablet.

What will help a blue dolphin ecstasy pill kick in?

Consuming water and staying hydrated can help a pill dissolve and be absorbed more quickly in the body. However, it is important to note that increasing the absorption speed of a pill can also increase the risk of overdose and adverse effects. It is recommended to take pills as directed and seek medical advice if necessary.

What form is ecstasy bought?

Ecstasy is typically bought in pill form.

How is ecstasy applied?

It is a pill that you swallow.

What does a blue dolphin pill make you do?

Well i took one and all it did was keep me up for long periods of time......

Is the blue ecstasy pill stronger than the yellow one?

You are an absolute moron. Ecstasy comes in many different colours and prints, it is just to signify who they are made by. Go kill yourself your ignorant retard.