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Drama are short play normally for radios, TV or some times on occasions like schools or parties. Theatre is a place where big plays like musicals with theatrical performance and operas are staged and normally the audience is asked to purchase to a ticket to access the area.

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Drama and theatre are two words that are associated with the performing arts. They have some differences and similarities, but communication plays a huge role in both drama and theatre as well.

Some of the differences between drama include the fact that drama can refer to the written text of a play, whereas theatre is the actual performance put on by characters on stage. Also, theatre can require more people, because to put on a show you may need people to make costumes, the director, backstage helpers, and of course, actors to put on the production. In theatre, there is normally no direct interaction between the written playwright and the audience, whereas drama can be very interactive. Another huge difference between drama and theatre is that in theatre the interpretation of the performance depends mostly on the actors who are performing, whereas the interpretation of the written work in drama depends on the reader or the audience. Theatre is more or less a branch of drama. Drama can refer to kinds of activities such as an episode of life, whereas theatre is only performance onstage. Also, an audience is an essential part of the theatre, whereas it is not for drama. Theatre is also a physical action, whereas drama can be very abstract.

Although there are differences between drama and theatre, one main similarity is that both use communication. In theatre, communication is essential to work with other actors, and exchange lives. When performing on stage in a theatre, you do not only need to communicate verbally, you must also communicate through body language and facial expressions. Listening is also an important method of communication, for you must listen to your peers or fellow actors to respond to lines and put on a performance. As I mentioned previously, the way you communicate also makes the audience in theatre interpret your performance in a certain way, but in drama, the interpretation of performance can depend on the reader. The way that you communicate in drama can just be through a form of written work, such as a form of poetry or prose. In both drama and theatre, communication can help with problem-solving. When you are taking on the role of someone else, you are forced to understand their problems, so that you can become the person you are portraying, and when improvising in drama, you have to sometimes problem-solve to help certain scenes flow and carry on.

Overall, there are many difference between drama and theatre, such as the fact that theatre is only a branch of drama, but there are also many similarities because communication is essential to both forms of performing arts.

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Q: What are the relationships between drama and theater?
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