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I have had sclerotherapy a few times.

During sclerotherapy a very fine needle is inserted into the spider vein area and a sclerosing agent is injected. It burns a tiny bit. I had it done all over both my legs after I got alot of spider veins during pregnancy. Each needle stick hurt a little bit but too much. It took about 20 minutes.

here are the pros:

Took a short time

not really painful

resume most activity right away

many of my visible spider veins went away or got much less noticable.


You have to go back about 3 times and it is expensive...several hundred dollars each visit

You have to wear compression hose for a few weeks after while the veins respond.

You can get bruising at the injection site which I did..large 1-2" round bruises.

It takes many weeks for the bruising to fade and the veins that are going to disappear to do so. (not all the treated veins go away)

So definitely do it in the winter when your legs will be covered and you won't mind wearing the support hose.

I have developed more and will going back to do it again and combine it with some laser therapy. I have heard alot of goood things about new lasers for spider veins.

Good luck! Hope this helps.

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Q: What are the pros and cons for sclerotherapy?
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