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pipe, electronic, and reed organs. also a harmonica is a mouth organ.

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Q: What are the organs of ingestion?
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What are the organs of digestion from the ingestion of food until it is absorbed?

mouth and throat Anonymous

What are the organs of ingestion in elephant?

Elephants use their trunks to put food into their mouths.

What is the main organs of the ingestion system?

Ingestion system is also referred as digestive system It starts with mouth then esophagus, stomach, small intesting, fundus, body, pylorus,ileum,jejunum and anus. Food is propelled forward in the alimentary canal bu smooth muscles.

What does ingestion refer to?

Ingestion is the consumption of something.

What are the functions of the major organs in the ailmentary canal?

Ingestion (mouth) Digestion (mouth, stomach, small intestine, liver/gallbladder) Absorption (small intestine) Elimination (large intestine)

What is a bird ingestion?

A bird ingestion is another term for an Avian ingestion, the collision between a bird and an aircraft in motion.

What is the possible complications of nystatin oinment ingestion?

what to do for nystatin ingestion

What is the definition of ingestion?

Ingestion is food being taken into the body

In which part of the body does ingestion take place?

Ingestion takes place in the mouth.

What do you understand by the term ingestion?

The acts of getting food and eating it collectively are called ingestion

Are animals heterotrophic by ingestion or absorption?

Animals are heterotrophic by ingestion. Fungi are heterotrophic by absorption.

Can you give a sentence about ingestion?

Yes. Carl was interested in studying the ingestion habits of ball pythons.