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Some negative effects of child labor include malnutrition. It also includes premature ageing, depression, as well as drug dependency.

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Q: What are the negative effects of child labor?
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What is one of the negative effects of labor unions?

higher prices

Effect of child labor on society?

Child labor has negative effects on society, including depriving children of their childhood, education, and future opportunities. It can also perpetuate cycles of poverty and exploitation within communities. Additionally, child labor can lead to lower productivity and undermine a country's overall development.

What are some possible negative and positive effects of world population growth?

Some negative effects are Pollution,War,Sickness, and Starvation A positive effect is more labor force!

What three issues are closely tied to child labor?

Working children's access to education. The health effects of work on kids. How child labor, by increasing the supply of unskilled labor, a;lways reduces wages for adult unskilled labor.

Suggestions to improve negative effects of the Industrial Revolution?

They could have minimum wages so that males And females Could get paid equally. Also they should Have age Limit so that it'll reduce child Labor.

What are the negative effects of the rh bill?

not making a child born, making the mother harder task to have.. :)

What here some negative effects of the telegraph?

It led to bad labor conditions and had a semi-communist perspective bee-otch

What are the negative impacts of tourism in goa?

The negative impacts of tourism in GOA is that it has negative effects in women, children and the abuse of drugs. Tourism has led to child prostitution in GOA.

What organization wanted to end child labor?

Knights of Labor ended child labor.

What are hypothesis of child labor?

the hypothesis of child labor are many

What are the hypothesis of child labor?

the hypothesis of child labor are many

Who was involved in The Child Labor Amendment debate?

The "Child Savers" and the child labor supporters.