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To maintain life, every human needs a working brain stem for autonomic (involuntary) nerve function, air (oxygen), working O2-CO2 exchange to get oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, an adequate blood volume to prevent cell death, a working "pump" (the heart or extenal bypass) to circulate the blood with nutrients and O2 to go to the cells, fluids to replace body fluid "spent" through sweat and urine, adequate daily nutrition based on energy spent, working kidneys to flush waste from the body, and working intestines to expel solid waste. In addition, humans need interaction, especially from loved ones, to maintain a connection to this physical world. Researchers also point to unmeasurable but evident traits such as will to live, drive to stay alive, and personal hope and motivation as important determinants as to who improves after major accident or injury, and those who cannot overcome the body injuries to survive.

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Q: What are the needs of an indivdual required to maintain life?
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