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Blood and urine (wee)

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Q: What are the most commonly tested body fluids in clinical chemistry?
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What department is Fecal Occult Blood Tested?

clinical chemistry

When are drugs tested on humans?

After clinical animal trials at: Phase 1 - small group of healthy volunteers are tested

What is the main purpose for pre-clinical testing?

To see if the drug (that's being tested) actually works.

How can a male be medically tested for infertility?

A man can be tested for infertility by visiting his GP or an Urologist. The tests involve questionnaires, physical examinations and the testing of various samples of bodily fluids.

Can potatoes interact with chemistry?

Any material has a chemical composition; potatoes can be tested for residues of pesticides.

Cue dependent theories of memory state that you would do best on your chemistry test if you could be tested?


What subjects are tested in year 9 checkpoint exams?

English Maths Science(Physics Chemistry Biology)

What is the object of sampling operation in analytical chemistry?

The purpose is to obtain a statistical representative sample from the material to be tested.

How long does psylocibin stay in your system?

About twelve hours, but it's not commonly tested for.

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is a process whereby medications and medical devices are tested to see if they are suitable. This is a safety measure in the healthcare industry.

Does liver contain manganese dioxide?

nope, matter of fact i tested this out in chemistry class yesterday and the results say no

What does the combination of naproxen and ibuprofen show up as in a drug test?

Nothing. They are not commonly tested.