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Depression can cause a multitude of side effects, like weight loss, sleeplessness, and sickness. Unfortunately, depression can also adversely affect other family members too. Dealing with a person who suffers from depression can be extremely stressful.

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There are a wide variety of depression medications and the side effects vary by medication. There are websites that can give lists of depression medications and the various effects, one website to consult is there is a variety of medications listed here.

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Q: What are the most commom side effects for depression medications?
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Is there any anti depression medication?

There are no medications without side effects. Anything you take into your body will affects your whole body. This is why side effects occur. The medication not only affects the thing that is wrong, but also the rest of you.

What are conventional ways to treat depression?

The most common way of treating depression is a combination of both medications and therapy. Severe depression can be treated with Electroshock Therapy but it's rarely used.

What is cause and effects of suicide?

The most common cause is depression, the effect is death.

What is the least toxic combination of HIV medications?

AZT is the least toxic. All of the combination medications have side effects. The GI symptoms are the most problematic.

What are 4 possible side effects of medications?

Depends on a sort of medication...the most common side effects are: headache, nausea, dizziness, rash etc.

How does one treat seasonal depression?

Although each treatment may vary from person to person, some of the most common treatments for seasonal depression include light therapy, medications and psychotherapy.

Help for Depression Is A Necessity?

Although it is obvious to most health professionals, average consumers do not understand that treating depression is a necessity. Depression is a medical illness that manifests itself with physical symptoms. A doctor can tell a patient if there is a different underlying condition. Assuming that it is clinical depression, however, medications and therapy are not necessities. Medications give patients the energy to exercise, eat better, sleep better and respond to therapy.

During the decade before World War 2 most of the world suffered effects of the Great Depression.?


If you go off your medication for bipolar disorder can the depression worsen?

Yes and it most likely will. Relapsing is not easy nor is it good for your mental well being. Discuss stopping any medications with the doctor who prescribes them and maybe you can figure out better options. If the issue is with side effects, other medications can be added to help them or a new medication can be tried. I know I have stopped my bipolar medications 3 times in my life and they have been the utmost hardest times of my life. Some medications will not work the same or at all if you take them after stopping them for an extended time period. Bipolar is best treated with medications I have found, its the only way I can live a productive life. So please get in touch with someone before you stop any medications, also withdrawal effects are horrible for some SSRI's . I understand that its hard but stopping medications will only make it harder if you are bipolar. Take care.

What are the negative effects of cyberbullying?

The most common negative effects of cyberbullying are hurt feelings and depression But cyberbullying can have very dramatic effects as well. Once a girl was being cyberbullied so bad she committed suicide.

What are possible side effects of modafinil?

Headache , nausea, and upset stomach are the most frequently reported side effects of modafinil. Other possible side effects include excessive difficulty sleeping, nervousness, depression

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