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There are two basic method to determine motility in a bacterial sample. These samples have similar biochemical identifiers. The first test is a simple drop test. The second method employs a motility medium

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Q: What are the methods used for identifying motility?
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What microscope used to study motility of bacteria?

phase contrast

What the other method used to determine motility?

You can do an experiment to determine motility. You use a medium of agar that has tetrazolium salt (TTC). The TTC serves as a terminal electron acceptor for the bacteria and turns the medium red. You would inoculate a needle with your bacteria and put it straight into the media and straight out. After incubating your bacteria, if you see the red move away from where you inserted the needle, then it would indicate that your bacteria is motile. If the red is only in the place where you inserted the needle, then it is not motile.

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Does Ecoli have a true motility?

Motile according to the Motility-Indole-Ornithine Test.

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What feature bacterial culture will increase the probability of true motility?


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