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There are different types of transfer here are some

One man carry/transfers/drag

1.Assist to walk- One Person acts as a cruch supporting the injured person's weight.

2.Pack Strap Carry- Injured person puts arms around rescuers neck and the rescuer holds them by their hands

3.Fireman's Carry- The injured person is carried over the rescuers shoulder.

4. Inclined Drag- The injured person is dragged on a blanket with the rescuer holding the blanket by the head

5.Blanket Drag- person is dragged on a blanket by the head

6.Fireman's Drag- rescuer straddles injured and ties arms around neck

Two men assist/ Carries

1. Two-man Assist Walk- 2 people act as crutches supporting the injured person's weight

2. Two-Man Hand Seat- the injured is held in a basket-toss and carried away while the rescuers hold the butt and the back.

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Q: What are the methods of rescue carry?
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