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Q: What are the major problems at northern marianas?
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When was Northern Marianas College created?

Northern Marianas College was created in 1981.

What are the major activities of the Marianas?

The major activities of the Marianas are I have no idea by* Melissa Munoz

What is the capital of Northern Marianas?


What is the capital of the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas?


Where is dragons triangle?

its somewhere in the pacific ocean between the Northern Marianas Island & Japan. I live in the Northern marianas island(SAIPAN). were next to Guam

Capital city of northern marianas island?


What is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas?


What is northern marianas island state flower?

the Pulmeria

What is the national flower of the northern Marianas islands?


What is the highest point in the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas?

Mount Tapochao.

Do the Northern Mariana Islands extend benefits to same-sex partners of government employees?

No. The Northern Marianas do not.

Which courts have juisdiction in Guam the Virgin Islands and the Northern Marianas?

territorial courts