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Lung cancer is one possible risk, although this is true of many smoked substances. Salvia isn't well-researched, so its long-term effects are largely uncertain. It is likely that intense experiences may cause a temporary or extended shift in an individual's life outlook and personality, but this is not proven.


I found that I sensed the presence of another being when I was using it. When I was not using it, I would go to sleep at night and the thoughts of the Salvia experience I had seemed to creep into my mind.

I Lay awake feeling like a scared child not wanting to expose their legs out side of the blanket worried that the being will "get" them.

I had a few nightmares for a few weeks and normally I don't get them.

I no longer get them and still use it.

I guess that it is the profound experience that is giving me the heeby jeebies and not the chemical itself. Like if you were to go sky diving for the first time and then you dream you are falling that night.

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what are long-terms dangers of salvia

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Q: What are the long term negative effects of smoking 32x Salvia Divinorum?
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Is taking Salvia divinorum healthy?

Although some studies have indicated that Salvia divinorum may be effective in treating the symptoms of depression, taking Salvia divinorum (particularly smoking it) should be considered unhealthy, especially because the long term effects of Salvia divinorum usage are not well-known.

What are the Undesired or unexpected effects from smoking or chewing salvia divinorum if taking atenolol for high blood pressure control?

Is not recommended to mix Salvia Divinorum and other medications. Salvia extracts have enough power to use it by itself.

Does salvia miltiorrhiza get you high?

Species in the genus Salvia other than Salvia divinorum do not produce salvinorins, and thus have little to no psychoactive effects. Certain compounds found in other Salvia species have shown modest psychotropic activity, but ingesting or smoking a reasonable amount of the plant material would likely have no desirable effects. No other Salviaspecies share the same effects as Salvia divinorum,

Are there any risk taking Atenolol smoking or chewing salvia d?

Is not recommended to mix salvia with some other substance. Salvia Divinorum is strong as is, and there could be some undesired or unexpected effects.

Are there any risk taking Atenolol while smoking or chewing salvia d?

Is not recommended to mix salvia with some other substance. Salvia Divinorum is strong as is, and there could be some undesired or unexpected effects.

Does salvia contain THC?

No, Salvia divinorum contains a salvinorins. The salvinorin that is primarily responsible for the effects of salvia is salvinorin A

Why can you only smoke salvia divinorum and not mystic blue?

Salvia divinorum is the only species in the genus Salvia that contains Salvinorins. Thus, smoking other species of Salvia, including the ornamental Mystic Blue, would not have the same effect.

Was miley cyrus caught smoking?

Yes she was. I was told that she was smoking Salvia Divinorum. Apparently, it may or may not be legal.

Is salvia used in Chinese medicine?

If by Salvia you mean Salvia Divinorum, then the answer is no. Salvia Divinorum is not used in Chinese medicine, as Salvia does not naturally grow in any region of China. Salvia Divinorum is only to be found in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Has salvia nemorosa got similar properties to salvia divinorum?

No, Salvia nemorosa does not contain salvinorins, the active components of Salvia divinorum.

Why can't I seem to get any effects from Salvia divinorum?

It could be that you need higher extracts.

Is salvia acidic or basic?

Salvia divinorum is not a chemical substance it's a plant that grows in Oaxaca Mexico which has some hallucinogen effects.