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Penis shrinkage and general uncleanliness of those AREAS.

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Q: What are the long term effects of being locked in a chastity belt?
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What is a chastity belt?

A chastity belt is an undergarment designed to prevent sexual intercourse that can be locked on to a person.

What was a girdle in Medieval Times?

Probably a chastity on this one....sorry being irreverant again..

What is the story behind mermaid man's belt in SpongeBob SquarePants?

Its a chastity belt.

What if your girl likes to party and dancing?

Buckle a chastity belt around her.

What colors will match pewter color shirt?

a bronze chastity belt.

Should the government introduce a new law on chastity belt?

Yes. It's will be cool.

How can you ask your mom for birth control at 14?

Ask her for money to purchase a chastity belt

Were chastity belt worn in the 16th entury or medieval times of knighthood?

According to the article at the link below, there is no credible evidence of chastity belts existed before the 15th century.

How is the following a double entrendre Someone with an astute understanding of grammar also gets the key to your chastity belt?

To know how this is a double entrendre a person will need to know what is being talked about. Without knowing what the is being referred to when it says "the following" they will not know how it is a double entrendre.

What are the knots in a Franciscan Friar's belt for?

Roman Catholic AnswerThere are three knots in a Friar's cincture (the rope that they use for a belt), they represent their three vows, or promises, of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Why does the belt break when ac is turned on?

AC compressor is locked up.

If a dishwasher hums but the motor will not run the probable cause is?

Motor is locked up unless it is belt driven. In that case the belt can be broken.