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we do have hair on our tongue. not really i am just makind it up
I doubt it, with the exceptions of I would guess cancer growth, or genetic disorders.

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Those are called taste buds

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Q: What are the little hairy things on your tongue?
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Is a hairy tongue a form of herpes?

Hairy tongue is not a form of herpes. It is a bacterial overgrowth which most often follows antibiotic treatment.

How long is the tongue of a hairy frog?

It's twice half the length of the tongue.

What level do you get mega-gross?

Hairy tongue.

Why is your tongue hairy?

because when you eat cold food your tongue needs to keep warm

Why doesn't josh kiss with louise?

because she has a hairy tongue

What is hairy tounge?

hairy tongue or furry tongue can be slang for oral thrush. Now thrush is a yeast infection that can be caught in many ways, I suggest you look it up if you wish to know more about that. .

How do you cure a hairy black tongue?

The best measure most likely to succeed is to scrape the surface of the tongue and vigorously clean the tongue surface with a firm soft-bristled toothbrush or tongue scraper. This removes the overgrown papillae and bacteria mechanically, making them less likely to grow back but hairy tongue disease may recur.Practice good oral hygieneTry to reduce smokingEliminate use of potential causative factors.

Brown stripe on tongue?

A brown stripe on the tongue is usually related to diet or lifestyle choices, such as smoking. Certain medications can also discolor the tongue. By brushing the tongue a few times when cleaning your teeth, any staining should remove easily.

What will smoking do to your tongue?

Usually, it will kill the taste buds on your tongue.

You suddenly got a black spot on your tongue it does not hurt and it is not hairy what can it be?

Well it could be a few things. You could have popped a blood vessel. You could have a freckle or beauty mark... Ask your doctor. You never know

You woke up part of tongue looked like charcoal black?

There is a fungus called Black Hairy Tongue that can cause the tongue to become black and/or hairy looking. You need to brush your tongue well with a toothbrush and maybe use a tongue scraper (you can get one in the same place you get a toothbrush in stores). You may also need to see a doctor if the condition does not go away, and they can give you an antifungal drug that can help. Please see the Related Link below.

Does Kendall schmidt have a hairy chest?

A little bit