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the UNCRC 1989 has some articles linking to a healthy lifestyle.

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Q: What are the legislation that support a healthy lifestyle for children?
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How can a healthy lifestyle support the body system of the nervous system's choice?

A healthy lifestyle supports many of the human body's functions. Eating healthy and regular exercise provide optimal nutritional support for the nervous system.

Describe the legislation in your country that supports the rights of children?

the children act 2006, and equality act 2010 their are the main legislation in our country o support the right f children, equality act 2010 is their for children to be treated equally and fairly

Would you support charging higher insurance premiums or taxes on people who dont practice a healthy lifestyle?

Well, the issue need to be widely discussed at the academic level, before comming to a conclusion. Personally,I partially support your viewpoint. But the parameter of judging the healthy lifestyle level has to be ascertained which may vary from a developed to a developing country.

Which is not an argument in support of hate crimes legislation?

Hate crimes legislation sends a message that the United States does not support bigotry.

What is the prognosis for premenstrual dysphoric disorder?

The prognosis varies for each woman and depends on healthy lifestyle changes, planning for PMDD symptoms, joining a support group, and communicating with her spouse and family.

What are some of the health benefits to eating almonds?

There are numerous health benefits from eating almonds for both adults and children. They can support healthy respiratory systems, brain functioning, and healthy skin.

Who support the legislation of Benjamin Harrison?

The Vice President and the

When Republicans and Democrats agree on legislation whats the support called?

Bi-partisan support

How does an active healthy lifestyle support positive mental emotional health?

Positive mental emotional health supports active healthy life style and vice versa. Without one the other is not possible. Two sides of same coin.

What support is available for school-aged children with mental retardation?

Federal legislation entitles mentally retarded children to free testing and appropriate, individualized education and skills training within the school system from ages three to 21

What types of products does My Herbal Life offer for sale?

My Herbal Life offers a wide variety of herbal supplements, nutrient pills and shake mixes designed to support an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

Which legislation passed to support the Eighteenth Amendment?

The Volstead Act