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Geritol ingredient list

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Q: What are the ingredients in geritol?
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When was Geritol created?

Geritol was created in 1950.

What is the different between geritol complete and geritol tonic?

Geritol Complete is a multivitamin supplement containing iron and other essential nutrients, while Geritol Tonic is an iron supplement liquid that doesn't contain vitamins. Geritol Complete is designed to provide a more comprehensive array of nutrients, while Geritol Tonic focuses mainly on iron supplementation.

Does Geritol really work?

The liquid gets to your system faster when the pill has to break down. They consist of the same ingredients.

What does geritol do for men?


Will Geritol Complete make hair grow?

Geritol I am not sure. But iron and pre-natal vitamins does help hair growth.

Will Geritol Complete increase your appetite?


What if you take geritol and prenatal vitamins while your tubes is tied and missed your period?

Can Geritol and prenatal vitamins help you become pregnant with tubes tied

What product used the slogan My wife i think I'll keep her in its ads?


Can geritol make you sleepy?

GERITOL is a vitamin ELIXIR, and contains 20% - 25% alcohol (booze). It certainly can make you sleepy. ALSO- some cold medicine elixirs contain alcohol and can make you sleepy as well- ESPECIALLY NYQUIL

What is some items found in the bathroom that begin with G?

gauze pads,Geritol,glass,

Can geritol help you gain weight?

I was using it to get pregnant but gained. 20 pounds

Does geritol affect Depo-Provera?

Depo-Provera is very effective birth control method, chances of getting pregnant while using Depo is very, very small. Geritol is a brand of vitamins that will not effect your chances of getting pregnant.