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water, sodium laureth sulfate, ethoxylated alchol, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), polymer, fragrance, brightner, and preservative

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Q: What are the ingredients in Purex?
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What ingredients are in purex?

anything that is in tide

What are the ingredients in purex laundry detergent?

The ingredients in Purex laundry detergent vary depending on the specific product, but they typically include surfactants (cleaning agents), enzymes (stain removers), brighteners (for whites and colors), and fragrance. Some products may also contain additives like fabric softeners or color-safe bleach alternatives.

Is Purex container still selling in 2010?

yes purex is selling

What products does purex offer that use purex coupons?

Purex crystals are available with a coupon via the company's Facebook page at Make sure to check back often, as the promotions change quite often.

Are there any coupons available for Purex?

Yes there are coupons available for Purex on line. I am including a couple of sites for you to have a look at ,

Is purex detergent only for white clothes?

Is purex laundry detergent just for white clothes

Which works better Tide vs Purex?

I think that purex is better because i had a white communion dress we used tide the stain did not come out so we tried my grandparents wich was purex and the stain was gone

Is Purex a bleach?

Purex is a brand of laundry detergent that may contain bleach for whitening clothes. Clorox is the bleach brand.

Does Purex contain petroleum?


How many lines of product does Purex provide?

Purex provides two broad lines of products. These two main lines are softeners and fresheners, and detergents. Under each of these main categories Purex contains numerous sub categories.

Is purex the best laundry detergent?


How do I redeem printable online Purex coupons?

you need a printer if you want to print the purex coupons. Then go to a store and ask for informations at the customer service