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The healthiest cigarette is one that you never smoke.

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there is no such cigerette

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Q: What are the healthiest cigarettes?
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Are hand rolled cigerettes healthiest?

No cigarettes are healthy, all of them have the potential to kill you.

What is a superlative for healthy?

the healthiest

How bad is it when someone is an alcoholic and smokes marijuana and cigarettes daily?

Smoking cigarettes everyday is the worst of the three. Drinking is fine in moderation, but excess can kill your liver and/or kidneys. The illegal substance is probably the healthiest (or less harmful) of the group. In any case, anything is good in moderation; its excess that will kill you.

What is the healthiest coffee?

You can't say "Most Healthiest." Either say "Most Healthy" or "Healthiest."

What is the healthiest thing for you?

The healthiest thing for you is pure water.

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oat nut bread is the healthiest bread.

What is Healthiest State in the Nation Campaign's motto?

Healthiest State in the Nation Campaign's motto is 'Making Washington the Healthiest State in the Nation'.

What Is the Healthiest Facial Cleanser to use for your TEEN?

nozema is the most healthiest

What fruit is the healthiest to eat?

The healthiest fruit to eat is guava.

Where are the healthiest cities in US?

What are the top ten healthiest states in the U.S.?

What is Arizona's healthiest food?

Arizona's healthiest food is the Arizona AZ.

" What is the healthiest fruit"?

In my opinion, the healthiest fruit is an orange and the second one is an apple.