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The thyroid produces hormones which regulate energy, weight, fluid status, bone health and many other systems. Not having the hormones would be devastating to your health. Fortunately, it is usually not difficult to replace the hormones with a pill.

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Q: What are the health risk of not having a thyroid?
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How dangerous is thyroid?

Thyroid can be dangerous, more so for women than men. Being over 50 increases the risk of thyroid disease for both men and women. Also having a first degree relative, such as a mother, or sister makes the risk slightly greater.

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What are some thyroid disease symptoms?

Some of the most common thyroid disease symptoms are a risk of obesity, heart disease, anxiety, hair loss, infertility and other health problems. There is a lot more, so if you think you have a thyroid disease make sure you get it checked.

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having a thyroid goiter mess with your sence of smell

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