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One of the health benefits provided by using a lumbar support chair is that it support the lower back. Another of the health benefits is that it improves its user's posture.

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Q: What are the health benefits provided by using a lumbar support chair?
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Where can I buy laptop desks with lumbar support?

You can buy laptop desks with lumbar support by going to or They each offer a wide variety of desks with lumbar support.

What are computer task chairs that offer lumbar support?

The ErgoOffice by Jesper Office makes a lumbar support chair with a mesh back that provides the support you need. The lumbar support is adjustable so it will fit people of various heights.

What is a fuel efficient car with good lumbar support and overall comfort?

VW Golf has great seats with good lumbar support.

What office chairs have the msot lumbar support?

Boss Office Products Fabric Executive Office Chair comes with Lumbar Support

What are the benefits of the Freedom Chair?

The Freedom Chair is an office chair that maintains the user's appropriate lumbar support during work by automatically adjusting to their every movement.

Where can a lumbar support cushion be found?

Lumbar support cushions can be purchased online through Amazon, Walmart or TempurPedic. Office supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot carry a wide selection of lumbar support cushions for chairs and automobiles.

Do lumbar support cushions help with back problems?

It appears to depend on the brand/type of lumbar support pillow. As with all products, there are some that simply do not work. That said, however, a good lumbar support pillow should indeed help.

Which brand of office chair offers the best lumbar support?

the Aeron desk chair has recieved some of the best reviews for lumbar support.

Does the Office Star 55403 High Back Desk Chair have good lumbar support?

Yes it actually has a seperate lumbar support adjustment that comes with it.

How do you fix a broken lumbar support in the seat back of a blazer?

The lumbar components are located inside of the back of the seat. You will need to remove the seat, then take the back cover off to see what is wrong with the lumbar support an repair it.

What does LP stands for in health care?

Lumbar Puncture

Office Chairs with Good Lumbar Support?

Yes, some chairs that have good lumbar support and are cheap include the Aeron Chair Lumbar Pad by Herman Miller and the Fabric Mid Back Executive Chair. Both are fantastic.