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Also known as mung beans, mongo beans contain fiber (one cup of boiled beans contains 15 grams or over 60% of the RDA). They are low in saturated fat, contain no cholesterol, and a 1 cup serving contains 212 calories. Mung beans contain a high amount of protein (14 grams per 1 cup), but it is incomplete protein and cannot be the sole source of protein. They contain Vitamins A, K, pantothenic acid, niacin, Vitamin B-6, and a 1 cup serving contains 80% of the RDA of folate. Minerals in 1 cuo of mung beans include iron (16% of the RDA), potassium (15% of the RDA), zinc (11%), phosphorus (10%), magnesium (24%), and manganese (30%). Sugars in 1 cup are 4 grams.

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Q: What are the health benefits in mongo seeds?
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