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Physical exercise is important for good health, and TENNIS has specific health benefits for both the body and mind, which gives it an edge over many other types of physical activity. Recreational tennis has health benefits for the cardiovascular system, the muscles, bones, agility levels and more. In addition, tennis is a fun activity that reduces stress.

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Q: What are the health and physical benefits of playing tennis?
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What are physical benefits of playing tennis?

It is a lifetime sport that you can play by yourself or with different people.

What are the physical benefits of playing table tennis?

Physial benefits of playing table tennis are : it increases your agility and reflexes way. Also, your foot work works rapidly, which is essential for gastrocnemius and foot.

What are the health benefits to tennis?

you get exercise and you burn calories

Is tennis a lethal sport?

No, tennis is not a lethal sport. There is no physical contact in the sport and any death that would occur while playing the sport can probably be attributed to a health issue of some kind.

What are the spiritual benefits of playing tennis?

The spiritual benefits of playing tennis are that they give you relaxation from stress which can make you more centered and grounded. It also increases endorphins in your body which make you feel great.

What are the benefits of playing tennis?

It Benefits you by getting fitter and it can be both competitive or social either way it works.

What are the main health benefits of a tennis elbow brace?

The main health benefit of using a tennis elbow brace is that is offers support and protection to the elbow area. These braces often offer compression to the area.

Why is tennis good?

Tennis is one of most widespread forms of recreation on our planet. I read that only in the U.S. about 30 million people plays recreational tennis. Conclusion, tennis is good for mental and physical health.

Why did nadal start playing tennis?

He started playing tennis 'cause he liked tennis.

Why is tennis global?

Because many of people all around of world like to play and watch tennis. It is good for health and soul. Also professional tennis tournaments are playing in most of countries and contribute to popularity of this sport.

Skill reletad physical fitness test?

skills related to physical fitness test is having or doing an activity like doing a sport. having daily exercise .. sports that can be done in order to have physical fitness are playing badminton,tennis.bowling.Frisbee,volleyball and table tennis.. this activity helps you have a good health that is related to physical fitness.. and it also helps you have a goodbody oosture..

Why are tennis players so fit?

Because playing Tennis is exercise. If playing Tennis is what they do all the time, then they will be very fit.

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