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Licensed Practical Nurses have a lot of potential for growth. The baby boomer generation is rapidly growing older creating demand for healthcare and nurses. According to the salary ranges are from $34,429 - $48,333, with a median salary at $41,167.

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Q: What are the growth potential for LPN nursing careers?
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What are the different types of LPN nursing careers available today?

There are various types of LPN nursing careers available. You can be a traveling LPN, and at home LPN, a ER LPN or even work in a doctors office as an LPN.

Nursing Careers: LPN?

Expanding education after school helps generate effective careers. A career in nursing offers huge salaries, compensation and benefits. Such careers can be obtained by completing online courses or from college degrees. LPN Nurses generate nearly $50,000 annually, plus more. The demand for nursing is high, therefore jobs are always available in this career field.

Is Nursing Lpn Training available online?

I am an LPN Do not need training

What is advance nursing practice?


are there any LPN to RN nursing programs on line.?


Is an LPN qualified to do pedicures?

Each state has its own rules and regulations for LPN's. You will have to check with the state board of nursing in the state the LPN is licensed in.

Where are LPN classes offered online?

You can find a variety of nursing and LPN courses here:

Where can I get Nursing Lpn Training online?

There are many place online to attain your Nursing Lpn Training online. For a list of schools that offer programs visit

Is there an LPN school in the state of Tennessee?

Concorde Career Colleges in Memphis offers a nursing program where an LPN can be obtained.

What are different levels of nursing?

Medical assistant, LPN, RN

What is the growth outlook for LPN jobs?

The outlook for Licensed Practical Nurse careers is good, specifically the field is expected to grow 21% by 2018. LPNs work under the direction of doctors and RNs. Only a 1 year program is needed to become certified to become a LPN.

What good comes from lpn training?

An LPN is a licensed Practical Nurse. In order to become an LPN, one needs to first obtain a nursing degree. An LPN is able to do more tasks compared to a registered nurse.