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A person should drink Coca Cola if they enjoy the taste of the product and if it does not cause or disturb any health concerns.

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Due to its acidic and gaseous nature, Coca-Cola helps digesting fat by breaking it down and sometimes completely dissolving it during digestion.

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Q: What are the good things about coca cola?
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Is coca cola a good laxative?

No, Coca Cola does not induce evacuation of the bowels.

Which will dissolve things faster coca-cola or Gatorade?

coco cola

When you drink Coca-Cola or use other things that contain cocaine are you consumers?

Coca Cola no longer has Cocaine in it.

Is there a Coca Cola in life?

pepsi is good too you know!coca cola is very good though, oh yeah the answer, why not yes

Why is Coca-Cola good?

Because it tastes good.

Which is the main product of Coca-Cola?

It would be Coca Cola.

How do you explore things with Coca-Cola?

you can't fools

How could Coca-Cola affect young kids?

Coca-Cola is not good for kids and can cause obesity when drank in large amounts. Coca-Cola may also cause diabetes.

What is in Coca Cola that not good for your teeth?


Is Coca-Cola a brand?

Coca Cola Vanilla is a product. Coca Cola is a brand.

What common drink was first named the esteemed brain tonic and intellectual beverage?

It was Coca Cola

What bad things can happen to you if do Coca-Cola?

bad teeth