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There are many things that can affect ones motor skills, anything from problems from the brain, to hereditary/biological, to the muscles themselves. There are different motor skill that can be affected as well.

If a persons muscles are too tight then movements might be jerky. If a persons muscles are too loose then movements might be slow and or lack strength.

If the family has a history of genetic problems this can be a factor in ones motor skills. Rather it be illness or disease, for example downs syndrome.

Other factors that affect motor skills are social, our surrounds can influence how our interactions are. If brought up in an environment, rather parenting or culture, that didn't encourage motor skills to be used, a person might not know how to use their motor skills.

The last thing to be brought up is exposure to harmful events, as in chemicals or an accident. These types of things can hinder an individual from using there motor skills.

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Q: What are the factors affecting motor skills?
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