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genetics and diet

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Q: What are the factor affecting visual acuity?
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Is there a scale for visual acuity?

the scale of the visual acuity is snelle chat

What is visual acuity?

The ability to see clearly is called visual acuity

What is considered as the normal or ideal visual acuity?

6/6. Six by six is normal visual acuity.

Need a sentence using acuity?

A cyclist needs good visual acuity

What is a sentence that includes the word acuity?

with oldage ones visual acuity is impared

What is another name for sharpness of vision?

Visual acuity is another term for sharpness of vision. It refers to the clarity and detail with which a person is able to see objects.

What is static visual acuity?

static visual acuity is the ability to see clearly and a non moving position and looking at a non moving object.

A specialist in measuring visual acuity?


What does visual acuity mean?

Visual acuity refers to the clarity or sharpness of vision, specifically how well an individual can see details at a certain distance. It is usually measured using an eye chart and expressed as a fraction, such as 20/20, where the top number represents the testing distance and the bottom number represents the distance at which a person with normal vision can see the same detail.

What is the prognosis for central retinal visual acuity?

The prognosis for central retinal visual acuity is poor with only about one-third of patients recovering useful vision.

What structures play a major role in visual acuity?

The structures that play a major role in visual acuity are -macula -fovea centralis ..and possibly -optic disc

What are the differences of day and night?

Availability of visual acuity.